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5 Ways To Celebrate Shark Week

5-Ways-to-Celebrate-Shark-Week2Shark week is almost here and these are 5 of our favorite fun finned ways to get in the sharky spirit:

1. Make your very own cute shark out of paper! All you need is glue, scissors, a couple clothespins and some heavy paper for this jawesome shark craft.

2. Dress up your pet! The cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba is one of the all time great vids, re-enact in in your own home with this shark hat for your shark-cat!

3.Claim your piece of the beach in true shark style! Go for a swim with our Personalized Shark Bait Beach Towel ($40).

4. Enjoy some screen and maybe some screams by watching a shark movie – our vote is obviously Shark Tale for family movie night, and after the kiddos hit the hay you can go with the obvious choice, Jaws, or one of the many newer, even scarier shark flicks: Deep Blue Sea (sharks and Samuel L. Jackson? um, yes please), Open Water (almost too terrifying!), Sharknado (no comment necessary), or 2016’s The Shallows.

5. Feast like a shark on this shark shaped fruit salad! Celebrate the yummy fruits of summer by making this scarily delicious Sharkmelon!
Shark week kicks off this Sunday – click here for the full schedule  (Michael Phelps vs. a shark, C’MON!) and make sure to check out our other personalized shark-riffic gift ideas here!

Game Of Thrones Inspired Gifts for Your Family!

Game of Thrones Shirts and GiftsClockwise from top left:  Hodor Doorstop  |  Naptime Is Coming Baby Shirt |  Dinner Is Coming Apron by Psychobaby  |  Mother Of Dragons Shirt Set by Psychobaby  |  Winter is Coming Yarn Holder  |  Personalized Mother of Dragons Kitchen Towel by Psychobaby

All you Mothers of Dragons & Nights Watchmen get ready-Game of Thrones is COMING! So is winter, eventually, but let’s keep enjoying this summer and the premier of the next season of GOT! Oh, whats that? A girl isn’t a fan? Here are some hot Game of Thrones gift options for the super-fans in your life! One of our top-selling T-shirt sets is the Mother of Dragons and Baby Dragon set featured here, it’s sure to be received well by even the most discerning of Khaleesi. There’s something here for everyone in our GOT roundup – click here for all our Game of Thrones inspired gifts!




Love Is Love: A Pride Gift Guide

Gay Pride Gift Ideas

  1. Hubby & Hubby Pillowcase Set | 2. Personalized Rainbow Love T-Shirt – $18 | 3. Protect Love Heart Pin | 4.  Love Is Love Racerback Tank Top – $22 | 5.  Hand Painted Rainbow Slip-Ons | 6. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Celebrate pride this summer (and all year round, c’mon!) with one of these super fun gift ideas! Got a summer wedding to go to? We love Wystar Wedding Shop’s chic matching pillow set, available for couples of all kinds. Snag a fun top (Personalized Rainbow Love T-Shirt) for your niece or nephew, and one for you (Love Is Love Men’s Tank Top/Love Is Love Racerback Tank Top) if you’re hitting up a parade. Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

Check out all our Psychobaby Brand and Joy & Chaos Pride t-shirts and gift ideas here, for even MORE cool ideas head over to our Love Is Love Gay Pride Pinterest Board, and be sure to let us know how you like to celebrate! <3


Father’s Day Gift Guide


Celebrate your dad with a super cool custom Father’s Day Gift! Our faves this year are:

Beer, Naps & Rock & Roll Shirt Set – also available printed with whiskey, craft beer or vodka

Personalized Jedi Master Mug – also available as a fun t-shirt set for dad & kiddo

Personalized Grill Master Apron – also available as a custom beverage wrap

and these two lol-worthy gifts from our brand new ‘Dad Bod’ collection:

Dad-Bod-Tee-Carolina-BlueDad Bod Beach Towel

This Is My Dad Bod Shirt  |   Personalized Dad Bod Beach Towel

Click here to shop all cool personalized Father’s Day Gifts – all on sale for up to 30% off through Father’s Day!



New Printable Pregnancy Announcement

Printable Pregnancy Announcements

Yum! If you are looking for a cute way to tell everyone you screwed up and ate some watermelon seeds, our new printable pregnancy is perfect for you! Personalize it with one or two lines of the text of your choice for a cute photo op! For kiddos that are already here, we have some ultra cute summery watermelon gift ideas including our Personalized Name Game One-Piece: Juicy Watermelon, a pair of Personalized Juicy Watermelon Flip Flops, or our Personalized Name Game Water Bottle: Juicy Watermelon

Check out all our adorable watermelon gift ideas here and for even more cool ways to announce you have a baby on the way, check out all of our personalized Pregnancy Announcements!


Star Wars Gifts For The Truly Obsessed Family

Star Wars Gifts for the Whole Family

Star Wars Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Sign |  R2D2 Printed Rug |  Personalized Jedi Family Shirts by PsychobabyPersonalized Jedi Master Mug by Psychobaby |  Death Star Waffle Iron

If you or someone you love speaks Wookiie, uses a lightsaber as a nightlight, or has a pet Ewok, you’re in the right place – these are the absolute most perfect gifts for a Star Wars obsessed family!

“I love you.”
“I know.”
Celebrate the union of the couple whose love transcends time and space with this awesomely intergalactic wooden Mrs. & Mr. sign, available in every color under the sun!

For Padawan playtime, this R2D2 printed rug is a perfect choice, when you’re working on an epic Lego set or pretending your bedroom is actually Tattooine.

No need for matching robes when your entire squad can suit up in matching t-shirts!  All sizes available for babies, kids, women & men.

Every Jedi needs the force with them, the force of a strong cup of coffee.

Start the day off right for everyone in the fam with this amazing Death Star waffle maker. Smother the Dark Side in maple syrup. And then eat the whole dang thing.

And in case you’re throwing a party for a young jedi, how about these personalized party favors bags & stickers?

Click here to see all our rad gifts for Jedi lovin’ dads, moms & kiddos

…and for even more far, far, away inspo, check out our Star Wars themed Pinterest board here:

Star Wars Gifts & Party Ideas


World Series Madness! A Baseball Roundup

World Series gifts and baseball gifts for Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians fans

1. Personalized Lil’ Cub Baseball T-Shirt $20.00  | 2. Cubs art print  |  3. Chicago Cubs nail decals |  4.  Coach Dad Shirt Set: Baseball $32.00  |  5. North Side Chicago Bib  $14.00  |  6. Cleveland Indians coaster set  |  7. Personalized Baseball Christmas Ornament  $18.00  |  8.  Cleveland Indians dog bandana

#GoCubsGo! We can’t believe our hometown team is in the WORLD SERIES! No matter what happens, we’re just excited our boys got so far, so here are a few of our favorite Cubby gifts for everyone in the fam. We even threw in a couple picks for you Cleveland supporters out there. And if you’re not a superfan of either of these teams, you can still have a very merry home-run of a Christmas with our Personalized Baseball Christmas Ornament – printed with any name you want!  Check out all our awesome personalized baseball gifts here and let us know who you think is going to win! (Cubs, DUH!)


The Great Debate: Politics In The Kitchen!

Political Gifts for Democrats and Republicans

Clockwise from top left

1. Vote Republican 2016 Mug $16.00  |  2. Election cookie decorating set |  3. Hillary Is My Homegirl Mug $14.00  |  4. Personalized Republican Apron $22.00  | 5. Election party straws |  6. Personalized Democrat Apron $22.00  | 7. Personalized Republican Kitchen Towel $12.00  | 8. Election night chalkboard sign & party kit |  9. Personalized Democrat Kitchen Towel $12.00  |

What a crazy election year! We’re gonna stay out of it, but one thing we’re pretty sure donkeys and elephants CAN agree on is they both like election parties! Vote YES on a cute personalized apron/tea towel set to help with your party prep – customizable for members of the G.O.P. & Dems alike. Rock the vote and then rock your election night festivities out with special touches like these cute straws and custom cookies. Of course, you’re gonna need plenty of coffee to see the results come in all night…. so why not fill up one of our funny political mugs? Check out all our political shirts and gifts and…



But First, Coffee! A Coffee Lover’s Round-Up

Funny coffee mugs, coffee coasters, coffee shirts and coffee gifts for the ultimate coffee lover in your life.

1. Coffee Life Coaster Set New $20.00  |  2. Instant Human Racerback Tank Top $22.00  | 3. Coffee Sugar Scrub Cubes  |  4. Coffee Scented Candle  |  5. Joy & Chaos But First, Coffee Mug  $14.00  |  6.  Dark Matter 2Pacas Coffee

We dare you to find a group of people more caffeinated than we are here at P’Baby… well, we know we’re not alone because we started poking around and there are TONS of awesome gift ideas for coffee obsessed people out there! Our new Joy & Chaos coffee coaster set is a perfect holiday gift for someone who can’t get their day started without a cup or four. Pair them with one of our funny coffee mugs and a package of local Chicago roaster Dark Matter’s amazing coffee beans!

Check out more great coffee lover gift ideas here and let us know if you have a fave place to grab a coffee here in Chi-town (or anywhere, we do travel from time to time! (Not to brag or anything, but we’re so insanely lucky to be SURROUNDED by great coffee shops at our Chicago location, including Caffe Streets, 5411 Empanadas at Holiday Jones, Alliance Bakery, Intelligentsia, & good old Starbucks.)


But First, Football! – A Football Gift Round-up

Football Gift Ideas

1. Touchdowns Unisex Raglan Shirt  $24.00  |  2. Personalized Etched Football Beer Mug  $18.00  |  3. Game Day Unisex Raglan Shirt  $24.00  |  4. Angry Football Cookies   5. Football Season Kitchen Towel $10.00  |  6. Football Growth Chart  |  7. But First, Football Unisex Raglan Shirt  $24.00  |  8. Sunday Funday Dad Shirt Set  $32.00

Football is back, baby! Whether you’re glued to the couch for all NFL games, cheering on your local college team, or tweaking your fantasy line-up, these football gifts are awesome for every game day (and every day in general)! Our new etched glass beer mug can be personalized for any football fan you know – coaches, uncles, dads – whoever likes to throw back a cold one while watching the game. We are excited to add these awesomely comfy unisex raglan tees to our collection, too!

Check out all our personalized football gifts here, and here’s hoping YOUR team wins! (As long as your team isn’t playing da Bears.)