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March 2017


4 Amazing Chocolate Chip Recipes You HAVE To Try!

Unique Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Clockwise from top left:

Soft baked Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies ● recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Funfetti Chocolate Chip Birthday Cookies ●  recipe by Baked by Rachael

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies  recipe by Landeelu

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies  recipe by the Food Charlatan

It was difficult choosing only four – there are soooo many amazing variations on the classic choccy chip cookie out there! We picked three fun versions and threw one perfect recipe for a simple, no frills chocolate chip cookie in for you cookie purists.

If your little is helping you out with the baking – check out our personalized kids aprons. It can get messy in the kitchen with a kiddo, be prepared!

However, if your P’Baby is helping you with the eating (way better, right?!) – we recommend this awesome “But First, Cookies” t-shirt  (that we would also definitely wear).

But First Cookies Kids T-Shirt

Do you have a winning recipe? Share it with us! Click here for even more fun ideas for a milk & cookie party!


The Coolest Baby Names of March 2017

Cool Baby Names for 2017

Spring has sprung and sprouted a fresh crop of cool, crazy baby names! 

3 hot trends we noticed this month:

  1. Double letters appearing unexpectedly: We’re looking at you, surprise “H” in Johsh and surprise “Y” in Jaiylyn!
  2. Actually, let’s give Y its own shout-out for showing up in this month’s Jayan, Zayen, Zahryn, Ashtyn, Merryl and the cool Mariely.
  3. Looks like Z is here to stay. Z names keep popping up on our list, and this month is no exception with Mr. Zayen and the ladies Zandria and Zahryn.

Will the Z trend come out victorious at the end of the year? We’re guessing maybe. Check back next month to see what happens in April! And if you’ve got a P’Baby with a radical name then let us know or at least let us print a cool personalized baby gift for ’em!

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St. Patrick’s Day Snacks: All Dressed Up!

Printable St. Patrick's Day snack bag toppers for school and parties

Last minute St. Patrick’s Day party at school? No prob! Download our inexpensive (only $5!) shamrockin’ snack bag toppers and have the cutest treats in minutes!


  1. Purchase Personalized Shamrockin’ St. Patricks Day Bag Toppers
  2. Print at home on white paper or card stock & trim bag tops along lines
  3. Fill snack bags with your favorite Paddy’s Day treat – some of our top picks are rainbow candies like Skittles or M&Ms, Lucky Charms or green frosted sugar cookies (pictured) – then just fold and staple the tops onto your bags!

Click here for 6 Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Recipes and check out all our personalized St. Patrick’s Day gifts here!


February’s 20 Coolest Baby Names

Cool baby names we printed during February

The 20 coolest baby names of January seemed impossible to beat, but lo and behold we saw some major name realness in February!

3 rad trends we noticed this month:

  1. Girls rocking some amazing non-girly names: Collins, Halston & Sivan were our faves!
  2. Boys coming back strong with names we’ve seriously NEVER seen before: Mackland, Nieko, and Dreiden win big on creativity!
  3. Z doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! We called Z names out in January and sure enough, Zeb and Zarine popped up on Feb’s top 20!

Will the Z trend continue for March? Check back next month to find out! And as always, if you’ve got a kiddo with a radical name then let us know or at least let us print a cool personalized baby gifts for ’em!


6 Cute St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charm Recipes

Lucky Charm Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

These cute and colorful St. Patrick’s Day treat recipes are magically delicious! Punch up your St. Paddy’s party with one of these yummy recipes using our all-time fave cereal – Lucky Charms. Bet you didn’t know this about those hearts, stars and clovers – turns out each marshmallow gives Lucky the Leprechaun a special magic power:

  • Hearts – power to bring things to life
  • Shooting Stars – power to fly
  • Horseshoes – power to speed things up
  • Clovers – luck, but you will never know what kind of luck you’ll get
  • Blue Moons – power of invisibility
  • Rainbows – instantaneous travel from place to place
  • Balloons – power to make things float
  • Hourglass – power to control time

Superpowered marshmallows? As if you needed any more reasons to eat them! Try out one of these shamrockin’ snacks and visit our St. Patrick’s Day shop for personalized St. Patrick’s Day gifts for babies, kids and the whole family!