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Batman v. Superman

Batman vs. Superman

Batman V Superman hit the theaters hard last weekend, giving you plenty of time to pledge your allegiance to one of these monolithic superheroes. (Personally, we’re Team Wonder Woman…have you seen those boots?!) But if you had to choose, are you a BatKid or a SuperKid?


Pros: Cons:
Super Rich No Parents
Sweet Gadgets No Actual Superpowers
Batmobile Constrictive Bat Suit


Pros: Cons:
Can Fly No Parents
Basically Indestructible Kryptonite Weakness
Awesome Hair Nerdy Alter-Ego

Believe us, the list could be way longer, but we’re paring it down for attention span’s sake! Now regardless of which Team you’re on, we’ve got something for everyone. Like our Bat Spit Crazy Tee that you can personalize with your own alter-ego name or secret identity.  OR our U-R-A Hero Tee to emblazon with the crest of your Kryptonian family (or just your first initial, whatever feels right).


And in case you didn’t find the hero gear you were looking for, we’ve got plenty more capes and Super Tees for the modern hero.

And if you have to choose… who’s it gonna be? The Man of Steel or the Dark Night? VOTE BELOW!


Basketball Roundup – March Madness 2016

Basketball Party and Gift Ideas

1. Basketball Cutie Treats by A Girl and a Glue Gun | 2. Basketball Birthday Party Decorations by Party Like Paula |

3. Personalized Basketball Gift Set by Psychobabyonline | 4. The Mug With a Hoop by Uncommon Goods |

5. Blackened Turkey Basketball Sliders by Hungry Happenings | 6. DIY Basketball Game by Meaningful Mama | 7. Basketball Nail Art by Polish Pals |

8. March Madness Party Decorations! (and Snacks) by B Lovely Events | 9. Final Four Basketball Cake by Devour the Blog |

10. Slam Dunk Cookies by Miss CandiQuik | 11. Personalized Name Game Water Bottle: Basketball by Psychobabyonline 

Calling all Basketball Fans: Are you ready for MARCH MADNESS?!?  Games start tonight and just in case you have been designated as the B-Ball Party House, we’ve compiled some awesome snacks, decorations and activities to keep the little ones distracted while you obsessively check your bracket and score ticker…

AND if you like what you see here, we’ve got plenty more to keep your little ballers happy all the way to the Finals! Check out our Play Ball Pinterest Board and hit the court! We mean the couch! Or if you’re feeling really adventurous and hungry – the kitchen!


Easter Baby Names

How about an Easter baby name for your springtime P’baby? We love this fun holiday – the cheerful colors, egg hunts, and of course all the candy that seems to materialize out of nowhere! To celebrate, we rounded up this collection of unexpected Easter baby names (with a couple traditional choices thrown in). Does your lil’ chick have a cool Easter name? Let us know, and have a very hoppy holiday!

For your lil’ chick:

  • Pascha – a feminine variant of Pascal (see below)
  • April – Easter might be on the early side this year, but it often comes in April, which makes this a great choice for your spring baby girl!
  • Rachael – traditional Hebrew name which actually means “ewe.” A nice name for your little lady lamb!
  • Palma – pretty Spanish name. evokes the palm fronds associated with Easter.
  • Lily – a beautiful botanical name. Can’t have Easter without some Easter lilies!

For your lil’ chick magnet:

  • Pascal  – classic French name meaning Easter.
  • Arley – the quirkiest on our list, this English name means “from the rabbit meadow.” We predict this name’s populary to skyrocket!
  • Cruz – very hip Spanish name which means “cross.”
  • Peter  – ok, we’re being a little cheesy, but Peter Cottontail is our favorite rabbit!

Put a special spin on your Easter gifts this year – shop our new collection of  custom Easter gift bags and all our cute personalized Easter gifts here!

Personalized Easter Gifts

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