5 Ways To Celebrate Shark Week

5-Ways-to-Celebrate-Shark-Week2Shark week is almost here and these are 5 of our favorite fun finned ways to get in the sharky spirit:

1. Make your very own cute shark out of paper! All you need is glue, scissors, a couple clothespins and some heavy paper for this jawesome shark craft.

2. Dress up your pet! The cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba is one of the all time great vids, re-enact in in your own home with this shark hat for your shark-cat!

3.Claim your piece of the beach in true shark style! Go for a swim with our Personalized Shark Bait Beach Towel ($40).

4. Enjoy some screen and maybe some screams by watching a shark movie – our vote is obviously Shark Tale for family movie night, and after the kiddos hit the hay you can go with the obvious choice, Jaws, or one of the many newer, even scarier shark flicks: Deep Blue Sea (sharks and Samuel L. Jackson? um, yes please), Open Water (almost too terrifying!), Sharknado (no comment necessary), or 2016’s The Shallows.

5. Feast like a shark on this shark shaped fruit salad! Celebrate the yummy fruits of summer by making this scarily delicious Sharkmelon!
Shark week kicks off this Sunday – click here for the full schedule  (Michael Phelps vs. a shark, C’MON!) and make sure to check out our other personalized shark-riffic gift ideas here!

Game Of Thrones Inspired Gifts for Your Family!

Game of Thrones Shirts and GiftsClockwise from top left:  Hodor Doorstop  |  Naptime Is Coming Baby Shirt |  Dinner Is Coming Apron by Psychobaby  |  Mother Of Dragons Shirt Set by Psychobaby  |  Winter is Coming Yarn Holder  |  Personalized Mother of Dragons Kitchen Towel by Psychobaby

All you Mothers of Dragons & Nights Watchmen get ready-Game of Thrones is COMING! So is winter, eventually, but let’s keep enjoying this summer and the premier of the next season of GOT! Oh, whats that? A girl isn’t a fan? Here are some hot Game of Thrones gift options for the super-fans in your life! One of our top-selling T-shirt sets is the Mother of Dragons and Baby Dragon set featured here, it’s sure to be received well by even the most discerning of Khaleesi. There’s something here for everyone in our GOT roundup – click here for all our Game of Thrones inspired gifts!




Psychobaby’s Summer Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Watermelon + lemonade = YES! Tis the season for delicious drinks, and they’re even better when they’re PINK! If you’ve ordered with us this summer, you got this fun recipe in your package! If not, it’s super easy to make and we are BIG fans of the “grown-up” version!

What’s your favorite summer beverage? We’d love to hear what cool drink you guys are sippin’ on these hot days!

Need some summer snack inspo? Check out our Summertime Fun & Yum pinboard for more tasty warm weather treats. We also just launched a new line of personalized tumblers which are pretty perfect for taking your watermelonade on the go… whether you’re headed to the beach, the boat, or the backyard  -these insulated tumblers are a super cute way to keep track of your cup!

View all our new personalized tumblers here !


20 Unique Baby Names From June


Unique Baby NamesJune’s baby names honestly might be the coolest batch we have EVER seen, and we’ve seen a LOT! These are some of the most unique, crazy and cool names that have come through our custom shop.

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Z came back this month! We’re looking at you, Zaiden, Zayna and Zayd! (Does this trend have anything to do with Zayn Malik?)
  2. We’re not exactly sure what the club is, but we have a feeling Ellsworth, Rutledge, Darrow and Spense are all members. Future attorneys, authors or astronauts? Your guess is as good as ours, but they sound like they are up to something COOL!
  3. Super cool name MEANINGS: according to Yuma means “son of the chief,”  Zayna can mean either “beauty” or “stranger,” Akasha means “space” or “sky,” Laith means “lion,” and Torrin means “little hills.” CUTE!

Which of these super unique names is your fave? As always, check out our personalized baby gifts and personalized kids gifts for the cool, crazy P’Babies in your life!

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Love Is Love: A Pride Gift Guide

Gay Pride Gift Ideas

  1. Hubby & Hubby Pillowcase Set | 2. Personalized Rainbow Love T-Shirt – $18 | 3. Protect Love Heart Pin | 4.  Love Is Love Racerback Tank Top – $22 | 5.  Hand Painted Rainbow Slip-Ons | 6. Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

Celebrate pride this summer (and all year round, c’mon!) with one of these super fun gift ideas! Got a summer wedding to go to? We love Wystar Wedding Shop’s chic matching pillow set, available for couples of all kinds. Snag a fun top (Personalized Rainbow Love T-Shirt) for your niece or nephew, and one for you (Love Is Love Men’s Tank Top/Love Is Love Racerback Tank Top) if you’re hitting up a parade. Don’t forget your sunscreen!!

Check out all our Psychobaby Brand and Joy & Chaos Pride t-shirts and gift ideas here, for even MORE cool ideas head over to our Love Is Love Gay Pride Pinterest Board, and be sure to let us know how you like to celebrate! <3


May’s 20 Coolest Baby Names


Check ’em out, our fave cool baby names of May 2017! This month was all over the place, with everything from philosophers (Soren Kierkegaard) and mathematicians (Archimedes), a taste of Italy with Ilaria (Italian for Hilary) and Gaetano, and a few we’ve NEVER seen before (Oceana, Avyanah, and McCarley)!

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Y? Because we love you! Shout out to Rowyn, Jagyr, Laikyn, and Hailyn for their surprise Ys – who needs vowels?!
  2. Rock & roll! Jagyr (Mick?) is joined by Jovi (Bon?!) for some classic rock flavor.
  3. We’re pretty sure Boone, Macon and Birdie would be friends if they ever met each other! We are digging on the slightly Southern, kinda old-timey vibe of these baby names.

What is your favorite name out of all these cool, crazy options? Don’t miss out on finding the perfect present for any creatively named kiddo you know, take a peek at our most popular personalized baby gifts and personalized kids gifts!

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Father’s Day Gift Guide


Celebrate your dad with a super cool custom Father’s Day Gift! Our faves this year are:

Beer, Naps & Rock & Roll Shirt Set – also available printed with whiskey, craft beer or vodka

Personalized Jedi Master Mug – also available as a fun t-shirt set for dad & kiddo

Personalized Grill Master Apron – also available as a custom beverage wrap

and these two lol-worthy gifts from our brand new ‘Dad Bod’ collection:

Dad-Bod-Tee-Carolina-BlueDad Bod Beach Towel

This Is My Dad Bod Shirt  |   Personalized Dad Bod Beach Towel

Click here to shop all cool personalized Father’s Day Gifts – all on sale for up to 30% off through Father’s Day!



The Coolest Baby Names of April 2017


2017 is shaping up to be the best year ever for super inventive baby names! We never get tired of seeing the totally creative, classic and cool names we get to print. April was full of surprising name choices for all your little ladies & gents, such as:

3 baby name trends we noticed this month:

  1. Adding & removing letters for a fresh twist. Making Ezrah out of Ezra, losing the S from Stacy to get Tacy, turning Naomi into Noemi, dropping the A from Amelia to get Melia… we’re into it!
  2. SPACE! We love the out of this world names Nova and Sol! Nova  means “a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months,” and Sol is Spanish for sun. Shine bright, P’Babies!
  3. Unlike the last few months, we didn’t get a whole lot of Z names in April… however Zabian is such a supremely unique name that we obviously had to include it. We’ve never heard it before, have any of you guys?

We’ll let you know what cool, crazy names we see in May, so stop back by! Till then, you can always find the perfect present for any radically named kiddo with something special from our collection of personalized baby gifts and personalized kids gifts!

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New Printable Pregnancy Announcement

Printable Pregnancy Announcements

Yum! If you are looking for a cute way to tell everyone you screwed up and ate some watermelon seeds, our new printable pregnancy is perfect for you! Personalize it with one or two lines of the text of your choice for a cute photo op! For kiddos that are already here, we have some ultra cute summery watermelon gift ideas including our Personalized Name Game One-Piece: Juicy Watermelon, a pair of Personalized Juicy Watermelon Flip Flops, or our Personalized Name Game Water Bottle: Juicy Watermelon

Check out all our adorable watermelon gift ideas here and for even more cool ways to announce you have a baby on the way, check out all of our personalized Pregnancy Announcements!